Adherence studies: Collecting valid data

Getting to know and understand users

Treatment success depends to a large extent on the cooperation and motivation of the patients. In a medical context, the extent to which patients follow medical plans and measures is referred to as adherence.

Lack of adherence reduces the success of a therapy and is one of the biggest challenges in healthcare. Adherence is about more than just checking in and making sure that patients are taking their medicine, it’s about determining why patients may not be adhering to their regimens and learning what can help.

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This is where Use-Lab’s experience comes into play: We are experts at getting to know and understand users. During an adherence study, we can collect self-reported data about treatment adherence, using our interdisciplinary expertise to get the most valid data possible. We won’t stop there though, we will work with you to talk to users (patients) and learn why they are or are not adhering to their treatment plans. Use-Lab can also help you test various interventions to determine their effects.

Our broad experience in maintaining contact with large numbers of participants and managing multi-national studies will help you keep drop-out rates low and response-rates high. Please get in touch if you are interested in investigating adherence to treatment with us!

Remember: Adherence isn’t just about medication either, it can apply to any form of treatment!

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