Post-Market Surveillance: Taking advantage of opportunities

From database research to design input

Post-market surveillance is a requirement for medical device manufacturers, but it can also be an opportunity!

The product in focus

Clients, patients and other parties report critical incidents or adverse events they experience with medical devices; as a manufacturer you have to evaluate and investigate these incidents. Use-Lab can support you in this endeavor by searching databases for critical incidents with your devices and devices similar to them, then work with you to help determine potential root causes.

However, there is a great deal of potential in the feedback users can provide outside of critical incidents. Learning what users like about working with your product, what they use most often and why can help you improve your marketing materials and strategy. Along with learning what users dislike, what makes them stop using your product and what worries them, this information can also serve as important input for updates, new versions and new devices.

Use-Lab can help you reach customers near and far for broad input or answers to specific questions.

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