Recruiting: Full-range offers

Recruiting test participants

Do you need the right healthcare professionals, patients or lay users with specific experience or characteristics for your study?

We can support you with all the necessary steps in the recruitment process.

Our strengths are:

  • more than 20 years of experience in recruiting highly qualified, specialized healthcare professionals
  • large database with numerous contacts to healthcare participants
  • excellent contacts to relevant user groups
  • very good reputation among our participants
  • service above and beyond the average, including…
    • cold calling
    • directly contacting healthcare institutions
    • placing advertisements
    • contacting specialized support groups
  • in-depth insight into clinical processes as well as immediate insight into new clinical questions
  • assistance in determining recruitment requirements and also help with test organization
  • possibilities of recruitment for studies outside Germany/ outside Europe

[Having participated in one of their usability studies], I must say that it was an experience that I would definitely like to repeat. Our opinions were taken into account and discussed in depth with Use-lab’s group of experts.

Vascular Surgeon

We will assist you with all the necessary steps in the planning of recruitment and the preparation of documents:

  • Developing a recruitment profile
  • Analyzing the feasibility of achieving already-developed recruiting plans
  • Preparing the required documents: recruitment questionnaires (“screeners”), informed consent documents
  • Recruiting and scheduling participants
  • Replacing participants on short notice
  • Processing administrative tasks such as
    • receiving and seeing off participants at our premises,
    • including processing of compensation
    • and obtaining the required signatures (Informed Consent)

The team in charge was extremely friendly and understanding. They were very responsive and totally focused on studying and testing in detail each and every feature of the device in question.

Vascular Surgeon

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