Looking to the future: Sustainability

Always a step ahead

Again and again participants mention the waste and the amount of trash associated with working with various medical devices. The mix of materials, high requirements regarding sterility and hygiene of the packaging as well as the large volume of disposables make recycling almost impossible.

Superior sustainability concepts are therefore increasingly becoming a unique selling point for manufacturers.

The EU has also extended the obligations for sustainability reporting for large companies with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Sustainability as a unique selling point – get started now!

Use-Lab has experience in not only gathering user perceptions and impressions but has also cooperated with other institutions to determine key values like, carbon footprint for device packaging.

In one such study, together with a local institute and our client, we determined the environmental impact of the packaging as well as consumables of various insulin pumps and derived suggestions for improving the packaging from this.

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