User Research: a solid start

Looking at the goal, through your customers’ eyes

The development process starts with getting to know the user in a requirements analysis or user research study. In this phase, we focus on future users and their working environment. We determine their requirements and wishes for the usability of the product and define the context of use.

Use-Lab offers all common forms of analysis, e.g. context and task analyses, and uses scientifically founded methods to provide you with reliable results.


Once the requirements analysis is complete, the specification can be written. It should take place very early in the design and development process.

Just how concrete other requirements for the usability and the UI have to be is not specified in the IEC 62366:2015. All use scenarios must be defined and evaluated with regards to safety.

Therefore, the focus here is on security, effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction, in order to later ensure smooth interaction between the user and the product.

We are happy to support you through collaboration in creating the usability specifications, because a specification that is as precise as possible is the basis for all further development activities.

The verification of the specifications then takes place in the further development process.

For years Use-Lab has been our partner in all things concerning the usability of our devices.

Lars Michel

Senior Director Research and Development FB

Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapies
Fresenius Kabi MedTech

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