Design: Developing GUIs and products

From consulting to implementation

A shape users don’t understand, buttons they can’t find and GUI they can’t navigate – such design shortcomings make medical devices difficult to use and learn. In a market where efficiency and ease of learning are vital, good design is a clear competitive advantage for medical products.

To illustrate our range of services in the field of design, we divide our services here into three classic areas: user interface design, product design und graphic design. In practice, however, the boundaries here are fluid. With Use-Lab, you have an interdisciplinary partner who specializes in medical products at your side; we can support your project across all areas. Use-Lab offers you an iterative development process that takes place not only in close cooperation with your development team, but also with your device’s end users.

User Interface Design (GUI Design)

A well-designed user interface concept enables novices to learn quickly and experienced users to develop efficient routines. The usability of the medical product therefore directly depends on the design of the user interface.

Use-Lab offers comprehensive support in the development and implementation of the user interface for your product or your entire product portfolio. We create concepts that are optimized step by step in an iterative development process and elaborated in their details.

Rapid prototyping plays a decisive role right from the start. A user interface can be integrated into the appearance of a product family, taking into account your existing style guide. If required, we can design a completely new UI based on your corporate identity or update and expand an existing one.

  • Creation of wireframes and low fidelity prototypes
  • Elaboration of details in images
  • Design of pictograms and symbols
  • Development or adaption of a styleguide
  • Development of an interaction architecture in the form of flowcharts
  • Creation of interactive prototypes with different characteristics (PDF, PowerPoint, HTML5, etc.)
  • Implementation support (CSS, QML, etc.)

Use-Lab has not only designed user interfaces for our products, but also laid the groundwork for a more robust user experience in future releases.

Lars Michel

Senior Director Research and Development FB

Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapies
Fresenius Kabi MedTech

Product design

An ergonomic design provides direct added value for any medical device, because it is essential to functionality and user-friendliness. Likewise, aesthetics can be an important purchasing argument for a customer.

Use-Lab offers a wide range of services to help you design your product – whether it’s a simple “facelift” or a complete re-design. Our capabilities begin with ideation, move through prototyping phases at various levels of detail, and end with the preparation of CAD design data.

Product design is directly integrated into the usability engineering process. In an iterative process involving the users, we ensure that neither your requirements nor the needs of those who will ultimately use your product are ignored.

  • Solution-oriented brainstorming
  • Conceptual sketches
  • Application-specific use scenarios as storyboards
  • Definition of the product language with the help of mood boards
  • Detailed illustrations and elaboration of concept
  • Rough hard foam models for usability studies
  • CAD elaboration (Autodesk Fusion 360 and Rhinoceros 3D)
  • Functional prototypes in 3D printing
  • Photorealistic CGI renderings
  • Illustrations for technical documentation and user manuals

Use-Lab’s employees not only execute orders, but also contribute with good suggestions when potential for improvement is identified.

Florian Schauderna

Senior Manager Usability/Human Factors Engineering

Graphic and Media Design

Images can speak volumes and often create bridges between very different professional groups. When communicating with colleagues from other departments or other countries, a good picture can be invaluable.

Even if a picture cannot completely replace words, it is often an irreplaceable supplement. Whether simple line drawings for instruction manuals, high-resolution product illustrations for presentations and advertising purposes, or interactive training concepts – we provide a broad spectrum of competencies.

  • Illustration in various styles and degrees of detail
  • Storyboards
  • Illustrations for technical documentation and user manuals
  • Photorealistic 3D renderings
  • Animations in 2D and 3D
  • Interactive media (Unity 3D, HTML 5, etc.)

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